Sony FS700 + R5: Stunning raw performance, really impressive! By Alister Chapman

Posted: 07/03/2013 in Uncategorized

Posted by Alister Chapman on June 25, 2013 • 

“As things quieten down after the very busy Broadcast Asia show in Singapore and while I kill some time before flying to Manilla tomorrow, I decided to look at some raw clips I shot with the Sony FS700 and R5 recorder. On the Sony booth there was a PMW-F55 with a 50mm f2 Sony PL lens next to an FS700 with the 18-200mm Sony servo zoom and this was attached to the IFR5/AXS-R5 combination for raw recording. This gave me the opportunity to grab some almost side by side raw comparison footage from both cameras. Now this is hardly a fair contest. The F55 had one of Sony’s great PL mount lenses and the FS700 had the low cost zoom. The cameras were at least shooting the same scene, a reasonably contrasty set with about a few shiny highlights and with strong colours. Despite the vastly different lenses the results were quite surprisingly close.”

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