Ikonoskop Hit Pause On A-Cam dll Camera Production. By Vision Wrangler (4 Videos)

Posted: 06/27/2013 in Uncategorized

Posted by Vision Wrangler on June 26, 2013 • 

Video above: The Ikonoskop Team • 


“I think we all followed the progress of the Ikonoskop A-Cam dll camera, but sadly it seems not enough followed that up with handing over the folding stuff. So Ikonoskop has been forced to announce they have temporarily halted production of the A-Cam dll camera.

Can’t help but think of what if’s, Long haired Hipsters, ignored crocodile attacks, and that nag prancing in the corner; everyone’s stupid fail safe Kickstarter. Oh damn it now other DNG RAW cameras have the spotlight.

Ikonoskop had been dropping the price of the A-Cam dll Camera for months. Bugger didn’t help.

Here is the short message issued by Ikonoskop:”


Read and watch more on Cinescopophilia.com

See on vimeo.com


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