Using LUT’s on set and with Resolve with the PMW-F55/F5/F3 and FS700. By Alister Chapman

Posted: 06/24/2013 in Uncategorized

Posted by Alister Chapman on June 23, 2013 • 


“Sony recently released a set of 4 cube LUT’s (Look Up Tables) for use with SLog2. You can download those LUT’s here: DaVinciResolveCubeFiles. In addition there are many other LUT’s that you can use with SLog2 to help create different looks. In this article I’m going to look at how you can use these both on set and in DaVinci Resolve. Currently on set you cannot upload LUT’s to the F55/F5 or FS700, so if you want to use the LUT’s to alter your monitor output you need to use some additional hardware. One of the most affordable solutions is the Black Magic Design HDLink Pro. This box has HDSDI inputs and outputs as well as other output options including DisplayPort to which you can connect either a DVI or HDMI monitor with the appropriate adapter.”

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