Sneak peek of the new Mac Pro at WWDC 2013 – Standby to be amazed. By Peter Wiggins (01:24)

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Posted by Peter Wiggins on June 10, 2013 • 


(…) “The Intel Xeon machine will be available in up to 12 cores, 256-bit-wide floating point and PCI Express gen 3. It will be at least double the speed of the fastest previous machine. The new PCIe flash memory will have 1866MHz DDR3, four channel controller, 60 GB/s bandwidth which means speeds of 1.25GB/s. read & 1.GB/s. write. 10 times faster than any drive Apple have put in a Mac Pro before. All expansion will be external via Thunderbolt 2, 20 GB/s, 6 devices per port and all backward compatible.

The machine which (no surprise here) will be assembled in the US, features 2 GPUs built in. As FCPX uses the graphics card to do all the heavy effects lifting, this will be of great importance and speed up things like background rendering as well. The machine will support up to 3 4K displays from the built in cards. The dual workstation GPUs are 4096 stream processors, 384-bit memory buses, 528 GB/s total bandwidth. In other words, fast.”

• You may watch also Engadget’s video: Apple’s Next-Generation Mac Pro Prototype eyes-on (01:24)

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