RED Digital Cinema: Understanding REDlogFilm and REDgamma

Posted: 06/07/2013 in Uncategorized

Posted by RED Digital Cinema on June 6, 2013 • 

“REDlogFilm and REDgamma are options in REDCINE-X that affect how digital values are translated into visible tones. This article delves into how these and other gamma settings work, along with how they can be used to simplify post-production—regardless of whether this is with quick dailies or manually-graded feature films.


Digital cameras measure light linearly: doubling the light produces twice the charge at the sensor, which in turn doubles the numerical value recorded in the RAW data. While this might seem very standard and logical, it’s not how our eyes, film or video work. When our eyes receive twice the light, we only perceive this as a fractional intensity increase. Mathematically, this is described as perceiving logarithmically:”

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