Shot on Canon C300: ‘Blue is the Warmest Color’, Cannes Palme d’Or Winner. By Joe Marine (3 Videos)

Posted: 05/30/2013 in Uncategorized

Posted by Joe Marine on May 29, 2013 • 

“The Cannes Film Festival has finally come to an end, and the festival’s top prize, the Palme d’Or, went to Blue is the Warmest Color (also known as La Vie d’Adèle: Chapitre 1 & 2). The film, a small intimate love story, made history for a number of reasons, including being the first Palme d’Or winner based on a graphic novel, as well as the first film shot on a Canon digital camera, specifically the Canon C300. Click through for more on the film and some clips below.


(…) While most previous Palme d’Or winners have been shot on film, the last two years have seen films shot only on digital — certainly a sign of the times. It’s definitely interesting that the production chose the C300, most likely for its ease-of-use, low-light abilities, and flexibility on set, as they recorded internally to CF cards.”

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