Cine Gear 2013: Radiant Images to Unveil Novo 2K – a Novo that Shoots Uncompressed RAW…

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Posted by Radiant Images on May 29, 2013 • 


(…) “We feel like we’re moving in the opposite direction of where everybody else is going with digital cinema,” Mansouri said. “At Radiant Images, we’re lasered in on simplicity in design and operation, ease of use, small form factor, versatility. It’s a new language of cinema and we are helping artists express themselves and achieve their vision with these new, uncomplicated tools.”

The Novo digital cinema camera – the entertainment industry’s newest small form factor action camera – is a prime example.

Co-created by View Factor Studios and Radiant Images, the lens-friendly Novo is viewed as an ideal solution for professional filmmakers enamored with the capabilities of the GoPro Hero3 but stymied by cinematic limitations.

Key features of the Novo include a C-mount lens system plus a PL mount adapter, back focus adjustment, and exposure control capabilities that open up a wide-range of artistic possibilities for cinematographers and camera operators. The auto exposure function standard with the GoPro can be disabled on the Novo, permitting cinematographers to use the lens to manually adjust the aperture. The Novo achieves this while retaining all the key functionality, versatility and accessories of the GoPro Hero 3.”

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