Vintage Lens Tests, by John Brawley (51:04)

Posted: 05/21/2013 in Uncategorized

Posted by John Brawley on May 21, 2013 • 


Warning.  Read this before you watch so you understand the context and what I was looking to test…

One thing I find with digital imaging cameras is that they can sometimes be a little too perfect.

There’s no room for messing around on the edges with digital cameras.   Take a DP like Harris Savides who’s reputed to have a recipe for cooking his film in an oven.  This way he would artificially age and de-nature the film to get a “look”.  Whilst I’m sure there are those that think they could replicate this in post, there’s nothing like the randomness of working this way where you’re literally baking in a look.  At a fundamental level it affects the way the film itself works as a medium.  The very randomness is exactly what we’re chasing.

There’s also bleach-bypassing, cross processing the film or fogging and flashing the film.  In these cases you’re messing with what Kodak would say is the “right” thing to do but you’re getting a kind of “mistake” that ends up great for a look. Again, when you’re messing with the building blocks you get things that can’t be replicated in post.  Anything to do with exposure works in this way.”


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