Blackmagic Design: Bob Zelin Looks at the SmartScope Duo

Posted: 05/21/2013 in Uncategorized

Posted by Bob Zelin on May 20, 2013 • 

“Stop using the high price of HDwaveform / vectorscopes as an excuse for not checking your video. Join Bob Zelin for a closer look at a real-world installation of Blackmagic’s new SmartScope Duo, a practical, flexible, and yes, affordable approach to broadcast-quality monitoring.”

“Many newer users to our industry may ask, “Why do I need scopes?” Since the advent of HD video taking off, and the exorbitantly high prices of conventional HD monitoring equipment, many companies have found ways of working without referring to external HD waveform monitors and vectorscopes. Those that do, have had to make do with software based scopes that appeared in programs like Final Cut Pro or AVID Media Composer. These products are almost always inferior and inaccurate. Purchasing real external scopes was almost always over $6000 no matter what brand you chose. Blackmagic changed all of that with the introduction of the UltraScope.

But so many editors worked without scopes… and TV and Cable stations often rejected their delivered videos for incorrect or illegal levels. I would often see on Creative COW forums, “the picture looks too dark” or “everything looks too yellow”, or “my audio sounds distorted”, but there was no accurate way for these editors to accurately monitor what they were doing at a reasonable price. Well, now there is.”

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