Art of the Title: OFFF 2013 Cincinnati: 2 Videos & A Discussion with Onur Senturk

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As for tools, we used a photocopy machine, scanner, Phantom Flex, Canon 7D, 3D Studio Max, After Effects, Illustrator… Basically every tool around me.

“Taking inspiration from the wide array of presenters at this year’s fest, Onur Senturk orchestrates the OFFF 2013 Cincinnati titles in stark and dark textural style. With a nod to the hushed grandeur of Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, we float through the strange geometry of an aesthetic world. Among the architectural grids and the tessellation of webs, an unfurling record and a slew of ball bearings, there is always a spark on the edge of the frame — connecting each scene, uniting each part. Speaking the silent language of objects in space, the sequence creates an atmosphere of expectation and gives a sense of the celestial as each name is elevated beyond itself.


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