New Prices and Compressed Codecs Now Included with Odyssey7 & 7Q Monitors. By Vision Wrangler

Posted: 05/16/2013 in Uncategorized

Posted by Vision Wrangler on May 15, 2013 • 


“Convergent Design have made some significant changes to its Odyssey monitor series lineup introduced at NAB 2013 and now announce the full pricing for the Odyssey7 and Odyssey7Q monitors.

Most notably, DNxHD and any future supported compressed codecs (up to 1080p60 422) will now be included at no additional cost in the base price of the Odyssey. There is no additional firmware option to purchase for DNxHD support. Simply insert a Convergent Design SSD into the monitor and you have activated recording features in both Odyssey7 and Odyssey7Q.

In addition, Odyssey7 will now be a gorgeous 7.7″ OLED monitor with compressed recording capabilities only. Any additional extra cost options and features will ONLY be available on the Odyssey7Q. This makes Odyssey7 a simple solution for DSLR and broadcast, and avoids confusion between it and it’s 7Q counterpart.”

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