Canon 5D Mark III Raw vs H.264 – Low Light. By Andrew Reid (01:09)

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Posted by Andrew Reid on May 15, 2013 • 


(…) “Important please read –

My aim was to match the raw as closely in post to the H.264. The raw could have looked even better had I graded it more artistically (see DNGs on the blog) but the purpose of this test was simply to see how each perform in low light.

In the ISO 800 shot I could get approx. ISO 3200 exposure out of the shadows in the raw clip, which is why they are slightly noisier than in the ISO 800 H.264 shot. Huge dynamic range in raw.

The areas to watch out for are:

• Highlight roll off and latitude around lamp and candle
• Shadows and noise
• Crushed blacks

As you can see Magic Lantern’s raw is not just cleaner than the already fantastic performing 5D Mark III was in low light, it is several fathoms above in terms of tonality, colour, highlight roll off, latitude and shadow detail. There’s massively more data in the image.”



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