Adobe Commissions Liquid Art Video ‘Magma’ to Promote the Creative Cloud. By Mar Belle (01:28)

Posted: 05/15/2013 in Uncategorized

Posted by Mar Belle on May 13, 2013 • 

“When not busy transitioning people from boxed software to their subscription option, Adobe occasionally takes time out to partner with talented users to bring projects created with their tools to fruition. In that spirit, the company reached out to Barcelona’s collaborative direction, live action, and animation project Dvein, to create an impressive liquid motion art piece called Magma for the launch of the Creative Cloud. Take a look after the jump:


(…) Largely known for their award-winning title design and ident work, Dvein’s three creative directors Fernando Domínguez, Teo Guillem, and Carlos Pardo decided to use the opportunity of the commission to create their first music video; turning to The Vein to provide the music which would form the foundation of the film. Aside from the live action shoot aspects of the project — capture on a RED with a mix of Arri 200mm, 100mm, 60mm, and 16/24/32/40mm Macro lenses — which required additional crew, Magma was fully produced in-house over two months by the trio of directors, 3D assistant Alba Ribera and producer Marga Sardà.”


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