Digital Bolex: The D16′s Media Core, by Joe Rubinstein

Posted: 05/14/2013 in Uncategorized

Posted by Joe Rubinstein on May 9, 2013 • 


“There are a few hardware components that immediately come to mind when one thinks about what determines image quality of any particular camera. One thinks about the sensor, the lenses, maybe even the analog to digital converters, but you rarely think about the storage device, even though it’s of the most important factors.

The storage device is often the bottle neck for your data throughput. The stability of the storage device not only reflects on the reliability of the camera, but sometimes can effects image quality. When bits are written incorrectly it can look like noise, artifacts, even dropped frames. When talking about SSD drives specifically, there is a whole separate class of drives which are designed and tested to be much more robust than typical drives and avoid these and other issues. They are called “enterprise” class drives.

Enterprise class drives are built from better materials, are much faster than normal drives, and are much more reliable. They are more reliable because they have enterprise data path protection which is a combination of hardware and software that determines the logic path your data actually takes while being written to the drive, and how it’s read later.

This is an example showing the difference in complexity between a typical drive and an enterprise class drive:”

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