Blackmagic CEO Grant Petty Talks Pricing and 4K. By Carolyn Giardina

Posted: 05/14/2013 in Uncategorized

Posted by Carolyn Giardina on May 13, 2013 • 


(…) “The thing that annoys me the most is when the creative guys gets screwed over,” Blackmagic CEO Grant Petty said when asked what bugs him about the business. “Too many manufacturers make products that are way too expensive or too complicated. You have to buy their service contracts … but often they are used as a way for the manufacturer to produce poor quality products and make money off the service. That is the wrong that they industry has. … That sounds strange coming from an equipment manufacturer, but everyone forgets I’m a postproduction guy.”

His background as a postproduction facility engineer helped drive Blackmagic to step in and save color grading system maker Da Vinci in 2009 when the company was having financial trouble. “When we bought Da Vinci, I didn’t understand why they were changing $150,000 for [its systems],” Petty cited as an example of his thinking. “It didn’t cost $150,000 [to make]; we were using the same parts.”

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