OS X: Fixing AVCHD media to avoid the dreaded “CANNOT OPEN”. By Adam Wilt

Posted: 05/13/2013 in Uncategorized

Posted by Adam Wilt on May 10, 2013 • 

“If you’re using OS X and you copy AVCHD media folders to a NAS (network-attached storage) or a case-sensitive disk, you may run into problems: opening the media in 10.8’s Finder gives you “CANNOT OPEN” instead of a clip browser, FCP X can’t see the clips, and so on.

Cannot Open? Must be OS X failing to figure out an AVCHD folder…

OS X’s AVCHD handling is very brittle. It follows a strict definition of the AVCHD folder and file definition, any deviation from which breaks OS X’s interpretation. For example, deleting the playlist file (typically 00000.MPL, at least when my Panasonics record it) means that OS X won’t see any clips, even if the underlying .MTS files are all present and intact. Deleting one of the .CPI files causes OS X to present its clip as an undefined square, and trying to play it gives an “Undefined error”. Yet the underlying video is still present; VLC can still play the corresponding .MTS files.”



See on provideocoalition.com


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