RAWComms Great Cinematography series. The Base Jump. By Michael Sandiford (2 Videos)

Posted: 05/08/2013 in Uncategorized

Posted by Michael Sandiford on May 7, 2013 • 


“A moment so iconic that even 35 years later director Danny Boyle paid homage to it in his spectacular Olympic opening ceremony. From the opening close work, chasing after bond as he skies across the snow, we fly through openings, over and under formations and dodge bullets.  It’s the climax though that is most remembered. A wide angled  cliff edge drop that lets us take in the whole peril. Bond plummets over  the edge, with nothing but the sound of the windswept mountains. Our hero falling to his doom and a whole 20 seconds of eerie silence before the Union Jack parachute unfurls to the signature theme tune.  A mixture of stunning camera work, beautiful scenery,  amazing stunt choreography and a whole lot of patience. This moment when the parachute unfurls had audiences the world over applauding and this was just the introduction.



See on rawcomms.net


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