Video encoding: “Sorenson Squeeze just made itself indispensable”. By Barry Braverman

Posted: 05/07/2013 in Uncategorized

Posted by Barry Braverman on May 6, 2013 • 

I’ve been saying it for most of the past decade: When it comes to managing and manipulating digital video you really only need three tools in your day-to-day life: yes, you need Adobe Photoshop; yes, you need your NLE; and yes you need Sorenson Squeeze. The latest version 9 is the first major update in a year and a half, and the most significant revision to the world’s most versatile transcoding tool since v6 three years ago

Among its new features Squeeze 9 offers extensive HTML5 video capabilities supported by all the major platforms and browsers. As creators of content we understand that HTML5 dominates today’s web video scene; incorporating a tag that allows native playback without resorting to auxiliary players or plug-ins like Flash. The HTML5 spec includes various playout options at full-screen or at reduced sizes so a tool like Squeeze that can handle the full spectrum is all the more imperative. In Squeeze 9 HTML5’s very sophisticated algorithms are linked deceptively to a single preset to keep the transcoding process simple for most users.”

• 27 instructional videos and free trial here:

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