AURORA (2014): “Will @RobertKouba and @kickstarter Kick Ass?” (04:20)

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Launched: Apr 26, 2013 • Funding ends: May 26, 2013 • 

Posted by Kenneth Robinson on May 3, 2013 • 

“Show business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long dark plastic hallway where thieves, pimps and whores run free and most good men die like dogs! There is also a negative side.”

This colorful quote (often attributed to Hunter S. Thompson) sums up the feelings of many creative writers, producers, and directors when describing their experience with the “closed shop” of the entertainment industry.

A new generation of creators has decided to bypass the gatekeepers of Hollywood by going directly to the people. Collectively, they intend on making their own path, and share a strong desire to win big, or die trying, by their own hand.

Enter 20-year-old Robert Kouba. Swiss born and educated, hungry, focused and ready to compete with the big boys. His first large project was The Rift, in 2012. Kouba raised $20,000 and set about demonstrating that “much can be accomplished with very little, if the timeless ingredients of story, character, plot, and respect for your audience are clear and present on the screen.”


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